Call for papers


The Midwestern Journal of Undergraduate Sciences, a journal focused primarily on the work of undergraduate students doing mentored research in the form of capstone, or other independent, research projects, is accepting submissions for the Summer 2023 Issue. The theme of the issue will be immune evasion and review articles consistent with this topic are welcome (primary research need not relate to this theme). In addition to primary articles and reviews, each issue will feature an article by an educator on pedagogy or detailing a sample lesson.

The aim of the journal is to provide an opportunity for young scientists to publish on their own. Articles should be authored by students with only the guidance of their mentors. Typical projects represent work done by a student with little or no outside technical assistance.

Although the articles are reviewed, papers will be accepted or rejected without significant revision due to the time constraints of graduating seniors who will not likely be able to perform additional laboratory work after submission.

We look forward to receiving your contributions.



Jack Treml