Journal History

A tradition which began in 1967, Chimères is fully developed, edited, and published by and for graduate students with the continued and unwavering support of our tireless faculty. Professor Kenneth S. White emphasizes the faculty’s dedication to the graduate student experience which ebbs below the surface of each and every edition in his opening letter for the tenth anniversary edition; “Nous avons lancé Chimères pour l’étudiant. Uniquement pour lui.” White emphasizes their commitment to provide us with the experience of seeing our names in print for the very first time – “[i]nstant inoubliable où le sens de la création s’ouvre devant vous.” Publication is, after all, the driving force, the ultimate goal, and the reward for the dark and lonely hours of meticulous reading and research. They provide this opportunity for any and all graduate students who wish to submit their work for review. The journal remains, nevertheless, a creation of the students who express their gratitude for the strength of their faculty’s support, especially to the journal’s faculty advisor, Paul Scott. Their prodding, their time, and their sage advice remain essential to Chimères’s enduring success.
The archives alone convey the concerted effort exerted over the years to maintain, improve, and evolve this publication so that it might remain current with its contemporary trends. The yellowing, twenty-seven, type-print pages of the 1967 edition testify to the complexity of our modern era. This inaugural edition even contains some handwritten revisions. Technology has facilitated the revision process from word processors, to computers, to the luxurious, light-weight, laptop computers we cherish today. And so the associated costs have remained low – our subscription price has barely changed. The first publicized price appeared in the 1973 fall edition for $2.00 per scholastic year or $1.25 per volume. Throughout the 1970s, the graduate students successfully published semi-annual volumes. Though our editions have more than doubled in length, they appear now merely annually, and the subscription price for the printed journal remains accessible to the slimmest of budgets.