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Fay, R. O., Oklahoma Geological Survey
Fay, Robert O., Oklahoma Geological Survey
Feist, Monique, Universit_ Montpellier II
Fell, H. Barraclough
Fell, H. B., Harvard University
Fell, H. Barroaclough
Finks, R. M., [Department of Geology, Queens College (CUNY)
Finks, Robert M., Department of Geology, Queens College (CUNY)
Fischer, A. G., Princeton University
Fisher, Donald W., New York State Museum
Fleming, C. A., New Zealand Geological Survey
Fortey, R. A., Natural History Museum
Fortey, R. A., Natural History Museum, London
Fortey, Richard A., Natural History Museum
Frizzell, D. L.
Furnish, W. M., State University of Iowa, Iowa City
Furnish, W. M.
Furnish, William M., deceased, formerly of the University of Iowa
Furnish, William M.