Sexy and I Know It

Attachment Orientation and Romantic Confidence on Dating Apps


  • Cassandra Alexopoulos University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Elisabeth Timmermans Erasmus University Netherlands


attachment, online dating, relationship initiation


Romantic confidence is central to relationship initiation. Though previous studies have found that anxiously- and avoidantlyattached individuals differ in their romantic self-concept, none have examined these variables in an online dating context. The current study examined the associations between attachment orientation and dating app users' romantic confidence, perceived partner availability, and relationship initiation behaviors on dating apps. A student and nonstudent sample completed an online survey. Contrary to our expectations, attachment anxiety was positively related to romantic confidence on a dating app and perceived partner availability, whereas attachment avoidance was negatively related to these outcomes. These associations persisted after controlling for perceived number of dating app matches.




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Alexopoulos, C., & Timmermans, E. (2021). Sexy and I Know It: Attachment Orientation and Romantic Confidence on Dating Apps. Human Communication &Amp; Technology, 1(2), 60–72. Retrieved from



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