Journal of Montessori Research Spring Issue


Featuring work from some of the most respected names in Montessori research, this issue of the Journal of Montessori Research represents a major contribution to the field and provides valuable resources for researchers—from both inside and outside the community—who are interested in examining Montessori education. The issue begins with an extensive examination of the historical foundations for Montessori education, continues with a comprehensive model of the inputs, actions, goals, and outcomes of Montessori programs today, and concludes with a psychometric analysis of tools designed to account for variability in the implementation of Montessori instructional practices in future rigorous research.

I also am pleased to inform readers about another important development in Montessori research. A Montessori Special Interest Group (SIG) now exists within the American Educational Research Association (AERA). Founded in 1917, AERA is “the largest national interdisciplinary research association devoted to the scientific study of education and learning.” Montessori education’s presence in this organization shows important progress in the recognition of Montessori research within the broader field of education scholarship. I encourage you to join the SIG today, for only $5 for AERA members, to support continued progress along this path.

Angela K. Murray, PhD 
Editor, Journal of Montessori Research

Director, Center for Montessori Research