Dear JoM Readers:

Beginning today new submissions have been suspended through late Spring as we transition the journal to a new online operating system, OJS version 3.  This is not a simple update to the previous system that operated the Journal of Melittology, but instead a complete reworking of the entire system – from the ground up. 

We’ve been working on how the new system will look and function for our users and readers and are finally at a point where we will begin the complex migration of our operations into the new system – a process that will take some months but in the end we hope it will be well worth the wait!

Hopefully, the current backlog will be moving along more normally now and so for papers which are already in submission, review, or editing everything will proceed as it should behind the scenes from this point forward. Once we are live in the new system we will send out an announcement that new submissions are once again being accepted.  At present, the tentative development timeline has us going live in late Spring 2019.

The previous email for the journal ( was compromised in Summer 2018 and is no longer operational.  For queries, please email the responsible Assistant Editor directly.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this transition to a completely new online journal system.  Great things are coming!



JoM Management