The bibliography of and taxa proposed by Charles D. Michener


  • Michael S. Engel University of Kansas



Apoidea, Anthophila


In honor of Distinguished Professor and Curator Emeritus Charles D. Michener’s 97th birthday, the Journal of Melittology publishes this special issue tabulating his expansive list of publications, the vast majority of which entail studies on the systematics and biology of bees  (Apoidea: Anthophila) and represents some of the most significant contributions to the subject.  In total, this treatment covers Michener’s 514 citable items between 1935 and September of the present year (an astonishing eight-decade-long span of publishing!).  Many of the works provide descriptions of new taxa and the bibliography is annotated to indicate those novel taxonomic acts included in each publication.  To this is added an accounting of all of the species-, genus-, and family-group names established by Michener during this same period, and organized by both taxonomic group and rank.  Naturally, given Michener’s lifetime of work devoted to bees, the vast majority of these are of the Anthophila, but it does also include his taxonomic output on Acari, Lepidoptera, and Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera).


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