Leveraging the fullest potential of scientific collections through digitisation.

Roger Charles Baird


Access to digitised specimen data is a vital means to distribute information and in turn create knowledge. Pooling the accessibility of specimen and observation data under common standards and harnessing the power of distributed datasets places more and more information and the disposal of a globally dispersed work force, which would otherwise carry on its work in relative isolation, and with limited profile and impact. Citing a number of higher profile national and international projects, it is argued that a globally coordinated approach to the digitisation of a critical mass of scientific specimens and specimen-related data is highly desirable and required, to maximize the value of these collections to civil society and to support the advancement of our scientific knowledge globally.


biodiversity; metadata; digitisation; science infrastructure;

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17161/bi.v7i2.3987

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