DigiWeb - a workflow environment for quality assurance of transcription in digitization of natural history collections

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Tero Mononen
Riitta Tegelberg
Mira Sääskilahti
Markku A. Huttunen
Marko Tähtinen
Hannu Saarenmaa


Data produced by digitization increases the scientific use of natural history collections. However, in mass digitization, attention must be paid to the flawless management of the workflows, and high quantities of end results should not be compromised by a low standard of quality. A web-based environment DigiWeb was created for controlling the workflow of transcribing data from images of natural history specimens. Using DigiWeb, it was possible to manage the workflow of transcription and data proofing, include all participants to the workflow, allow collaboration and training, and also to provide useful processing features. The data emerging from this process passes quality control standards which are supported by DigiWeb and based on the strict requirements of the ISO 2859 standard.


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Mononen, Tero, Riitta Tegelberg, Mira Sääskilahti, Markku A. Huttunen, Marko Tähtinen, and Hannu Saarenmaa. 2014. “DigiWeb - a Workflow Environment for Quality Assurance of Transcription in Digitization of Natural History Collections”. Biodiversity Informatics 9 (1). https://doi.org/10.17161/bi.v9i1.4748.
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Author Biographies

Tero Mononen, University of Eastern Finland

Digitarium/SIB, software architect

Riitta Tegelberg, University of Eastern Finland

Digitarium/SIB Labs, Project manager

Mira Sääskilahti, University of Eastern Finland


Markku A. Huttunen, University of Eastern Finland

Digitarium/SIB labs

Marko Tähtinen, University of Eastern Finland

Digitarium/SIB Labs

Hannu Saarenmaa, University of Eastern Finland

Digitarium/SIB Labs, Research Director