Journal of Russian American Studies (JRAS) - Special Issue (August 2022)


The editorial board of the Journal of Russian American Studies (JRAS) is very excited to launch a new initiative.  We will be using our digital platform to publish special issues on important and timely subjects that deserve to be seen by a wider scholarly audience.  We are thrilled to publish as our inaugural special issue the work done by one of our co-founders and current editorial board member, Dr. Norman Saul.  In this field, Dr. Saul needs no introduction, but it is our honor to publish his edited work on Ernest Poole's articles on the Revolution of 1905 in Russia, American Writer Ernest Poole Describes Russia During the Revolution of 1905. This is an excellent reflection by an American journalist on this turbulent time with an expert introduction and annotation. 

Dr. Norman Saul is Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Kansas and the author of many essential works on Russian-American relations.

The editorial board is open to other ideas for Special Issues for JRAS.  If you have a suggestion, please email us at


JRAS Editors