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The Journal of Russian American Studies (JRAS) is an open access peer-reviewed journal focused on the history of Russian-American studies from the 18th to the 21st centuries.  Its aim is to be a forum for the latest scholarship regarding the history of the intricate relationship between Russia (broadly defined) and the United States.   The journal welcomes submissions and publishes articles and book reviews in English and Russian.


Journal of Russian American Studies (JRAS) 8.1 Published!


We are pleased to announce the publication of the Journal of Russian American Studies (JRAS) 8.1 (May 2024). 


This issue features two articles.  The first is an article by Alison Rowley who traces the fascinating journey of American Emma Burnham Dresser who forged her own path as a “New Woman” of the early 20th century that took her to the Soviet Union in 1931.  The second article by Kristina V. Minkova offers the post-war letters of American Diplomat John Paton Davies from Moscow.  These never published before letters are accompanied by an expert introduction and annotation that brings this critical moment of Soviet-American relations into greater focus.

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