JRAS 4.2 Published!


Dear Colleagues!  The Journal of Russian American Studies (JRAS) 4.2 (November 2020) has just been published.  In this issue, we are pleased to publish an article by Matthew Lee Miller on John R. Mott, who was an instrumental player for the YMCA in Revolutionary Russia.  This article is taken from the new book by Miller on Mott in the “Americans in Revolutionary Russia” book series published by Slavica Publishers.  The second article is a republication of Ilya Vinitsky’s article about Ivan Narodny, a fascinating figure in early twentieth-century Russian-American relations.  And third, Norman Saul has provided a rare glimpse into the world of Russian-American relations by publishing a segment of his own diary from one of his trips to the Soviet Union at a critical time in 1991.  We also have 5 books reviews and a Field Notes section with events and activities in the field.  Consider JRAS for articles, book reviews, manuscript reviews, and more. 


The Editors

Journal of Russian American Studies (JRAS)