Perception of the Salvadoran [sh] and [θ] by L2 Spanish Learners


  • James Ramsburg



L2 phonology, Perception, Spanish language-- El Salvador-- Phonology


This paper addresses how adult learners of Spanish at a large US university perceive two common sibilants: [sh] and [θ]. While the L2 perception of these sounds has been thoroughly investigated in many varieties of Spanish, they have yet to be studied in the Salvadoran dialect. The present investigation seeks to fill that gap, and preliminary results show that the intermediate-level learners almost always perceived the full dorso-alveolar [s] correctly, while both the aspirated [sh] and the interdental [θ] were much harder to perceive. Likewise, when the learners were able to perceive these sounds, they consistently rated them as not /s/-like. The study’s findings reflect those of the previous literature and thus explicit instruction is recommended to facilitate L2 attainment of these sounds.


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Ramsburg, . J. (2021). Perception of the Salvadoran [sh] and [θ] by L2 Spanish Learners. Kansas Working Papers in Linguistics, 41, 1-6.