Performing el cuerpo femenino como menú gastronómico: Stuff de Fusco y Bustamente

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Tomé, Patricia. “Performing El Cuerpo Femenino Como Menú gastronómico: Stuff De Fusco Y Bustamente”. Latin American Theatre Review, vol. 43, no. 1, Mar. 2010, pp. 57-70,


In the midst of the political and economical disenchantment suffered by most Cubans during the “Special Period,” sexual tourism became a means of survival for many, particularly for women. It is precisely within this framework that Coco Fusco and Nao Bustamante write the performance Stuff, where, as examined in this essay, women become gastronomical menus who satisfy the appetite of the “other.” While searching for a means to obtain food, these female entities must create “alternative bodies” to indulge tourists’ sexual needs. They openly portray the woman’s body as the cultural myths that most foreigners tend to associate with women, food, and sex in Latin America. (PT, Article in Spanish)

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