Establishment of some clade names for Amphiesmenoptera (Insecta: Holometabola)

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Michael S. Engel


Classificatory notes are presented for various stem lineages relative to the Trichoptera+ Lepidoptera clade. The following new groups are established for clades above the family-group ranks: Protomeroptera Engel, Metamphiesmenoptera Engel, Cladochoroptera Engel, Euamphiesmenoptera Engel, Eocoronoptera Engel, Panendymenoptera Engel, Necrotrichoptera Engel, Endymenoptera Engel, Stelloptera Engel. Additionally, the new families Marimerobiidae Engel, new family, and Microptysmatellidae Engel, new family, are proposed along with Anecrotaulius Engel, new genus, and Paranecrotaulius Engel, new genus.

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