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A Journal of Occasional Fossil Insect Research at the University of Kansas

NOTICE: The journal has been suspended as of 2023 and is no longer taking submissions.

Novitates Paleoentomologicae is an open access journal that sought to disseminate the results of research conducted at or in association with the University of Kansas Division of Entomology on all aspects of insect paleontology, inlcuding their other arthropod relatives. Its mission was to promote the understanding and study of paleoentomology and related disciplines. All nomenclatural articles are registered in ZooBank and conform to the latest standards of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, each issue has a DOI, and the journal is archived in PORTICO (www.portico.org). Potential articles must be approved for submission by the Editor-in-Chief.

The Journal is best viewed in FireFox or Chrome, and is indexed in Google Scholar and Zoological Record.


Current Issue

No. 24 (2022): Establishment of some clade names for Amphiesmenoptera (Insecta: Holometabola)
Published: 2022-09-11
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