First North American species of the European genus <i>Archaemegaptilus</i> from the Upper Carboniferous Pottsville Formation of northern Alabama (Palaeodictyoptera: Archaemegaptilidae)

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Roy J. Beckemeyer
Michael S. Engel


A new palaeodictyopteran (Palaeodictyopterida: Palaeodictyoptera) taxon is described based on a nearly complete hind wing found in the Pottsville Formation (Upper Carboniferous) of Bibb County, Alabama.  Archaemegaptilus blakelyi Beckemeyer & Engel, new species, is the sixth insect genus and species described from the Pottsville of Alabama and the second palaeodictyopteran from those deposits.  It is the third valid species assigned to the family Archaemegaptilidae.  Previously known species are A. kiefferi Meunier, from the Commentry of France and A. schloesseri Brauckmann et al., from the Hagen-Vorhalle of Germany.

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