Chinese Alligators

Observations at Changxing Nature Reserve & Breeding Center


  • Victor H. Liu The Branson School



I present previously unpublished data on the breeding habits and related conservation efforts on behalf of the endangered endemic Chinese Alligator (Alligator sinensis) collected through interviews and observations conducted at the Changxing Nature Reserve & Breeding Center for Chinese Alligators. The objective of this study was to provide additional material to supplement that presented in the most current and comprehensive English-language literature on the species. Conservation efforts on behalf of the Chinese Alligator are hindered by heavily polluting industries, such as coal-fired power plants and battery plants, which affect all local fauna. In addition, captive population satistics at Changxing and Xuancheng breeding centers have changed since 2010. Additional observations of the Chinese Alligator include nesting behaviors, ovipositioning, and temperature and humidity conditions in nests. I observed experiments comparing temperature-dependent sex determination to that in the closely related American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis). I provide information on reintroduction efforts by both Chinese captive breeding centers in different wild zones and discuss definitioono  of "wild," with which Chinese Alligator reintroduction efforts do not conform. Further species conservation efforts should be facilitated by a master plan and studbook, implemented to maximize genetic variation and minimize the effects of inbreeding depression in captive populations with few founders.


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Liu, V. H. (2013). Chinese Alligators: Observations at Changxing Nature Reserve & Breeding Center. Reptiles & Amphibians, 20(4), 172-183.