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Treatise Online publishes chapters prepared for parts of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology as they are ready, rather than waiting for an entire hard copy Treatise to be printed. Chapters from the following Treatise parts are completed or nearing completion: Part E (hypercalcified sponges), Part G (bryozoans), Part L (ammonoids), Part M (coleiods), Part N (bivalves), Part P (chelicerates), Part R (decapods), Part T (crinoids), Part V (graptolithines).

Printing of the hard copy volumes will continue as usual, with the opportunity for updating chapters published in the Treatise Online before going to press.



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2018: no. 101–106

Table of Contents


Rodney M. Feldmann, Carrie E. Schweitzer
R. C. Baron-Szabo
Peter Skelton
Eulàlia Gili, Stefan Götz
Malcolm Clarke, Malcolm Hart
Jörg Maletz, Elena Beli