Spiritual Significances of Vodoun as Demonstrated in Stout's 'Recurring Damballah Dream'
Campanile at the University of Kansas

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Grinage, E. (2021). Spiritual Significances of Vodoun as Demonstrated in Stout’s ’Recurring Damballah Dream’. Zenith! Undergraduate Research Journal for the Humanities, 5(1). https://doi.org/10.17161/zenith.v5i1.15563


In this art exhibition paper, I work to demonstrate a more accurate examination of Vodoun culture and values than is often portrayed in mainstream American media. I use Reneé Stout’s lithographic print Recurring Damballah Dream as a lens through which to analyze emblems of Vodoun culture, specifically within practices in Haiti and Louisiana, demonstrating the complexity and significance of Vodoun as a healing culture. Using Disney’s The Princess and The Frog as a misconstrued American representation of Vodoun, I attempt to characterize the ways in which Vodoun is belittled and demonized within colonial frameworks, projecting racial discrimination onto its practitioners.

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