American Studies

Current Issue

Vol. 60 No. 3/4 (2021)
Published January 21, 2022

American Studies (AMSJ) is a quarterly interdisciplinary journal sponsored by the Mid-America American Studies Association, the University of Kansas College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Department of American Studies, and KU Libraries. American Studies (AMSJ) first appeared in 1959, and has 1,000 current subscribers. In 2005 it merged with American Studies International (ASI), and welcomes submissions with an international perspective. ASI, a journal for American Studies scholars outside the U.S., was published by the American Studies Department at George Washington University for over forty years. Beginning with Vol. 45 (2004), ASI ceased publication as an independent journal, and merged with AMSJ, with the agreement that AMSJ would devote at least one issue a year (or the equivalent) to transnational American Studies scholarship, international American Studies authors, and would maintain a significant showing of scholars outside the U.S. on its editorial board. The “On Teaching” forum, now on the AMSJ blog, originated as an ASI feature.

With an editorial board from a number of areas of study, the journal offers provocative perspectives on a variety of issues. Frequent special sections and special issues create a space for a broad discussion on a single topic. Articles on pedagogy inform the American Studies classroom. The book review section aims at keeping readers conversant with contemporary scholarship. This electronic edition provides free access to the back issues of the journal. The most recent three years are available via print subscription only.


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November 16, 2021

Emily Lutenski's article wins Don D. Walker Prize!

Congratulations to Dr. Emily Lutenski who was awarded the Don D. Walker Prize by the Western Literature Association,for her essay, “Dickens Disappeared: Black Los Angeles and the Borderlands of Racial Memory,” published in the special issue, “New Directions in Black Western Studies” in American Studies 58.3 (2019). 


April 13, 2021

Our Shared Planet: Side B

Hee-Jung S. Joo, Pacharee Sudhinaraset
Requires Subscription PDF
Walidah Imarisha
Creative Introduction
Requires Subscription PDF
Reynaldo Anderson, Sheree Renée Thomas
Curating the End of the World, Red Spring, and 2nd-wave Afrofuturism
Requires Subscription PDF
Celiese Lypka
Métis Survivance: Land, Love, and Futures in Cherie Dimaline's Dystopian Novels
Requires Subscription PDF
Darcie Little Badger
Requires Subscription PDF
Dani McClain
Homing Instinct
Requires Subscription PDF
Hannah Regis
Trajectories of Resilience: Indigenous Healing Folkways in the Selected Short Stories of Wilson Harris
Requires Subscription PDF
A.J. Hudson
The End of the World, for Whom? or, Whose World? Whose Ending? An Afrofuturist and Afropessimist Counter Perspective on Climate Apocalypse
Requires Subscription PDF
Alexis De Veaux, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Walidah Imarisha
"Writing New Worlds," Allied Media Conference 2020 Plenary
Requires Subscription PDF
Smaran Dayal
Octavia Butler and the Settler Colonial Speculative: Xenogenesis and Planetary Loss
Requires Subscription PDF
Ifeoluwa Adeniyi
Speculative World-Building as a Refracting Prism: An Interview with Rebecca F. Kuang
Requires Subscription PDF
Ananda Gabo
A Bio Lab in Chinatown
Requires Subscription PDF
D.E. St. John
Our Toxic Transpacific: Hydro-Colonialism, Nuclearization, and Radioactive Identities in Post-Fukushima Literature
Requires Subscription PDF
Edmond Y. Chang
"Do They See Me as a Virus?": Imagining Asian American Environmental Games
Requires Subscription PDF
Tatiana Height, Olivia T. Ngadjui, Fushcia-Ann Hoover, Jasmine A. Dillon
The 2020 Social and Environmental Apocalypse: Reimagining Black America
Requires Subscription PDF
Mariame Kaba
Picturing a World Without Prisons
Requires Subscription PDF
Kaanchi Chopra
Brown Skin Goddess
Requires Subscription PDF
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