Call for Papers and Launch of the Journal: Druze Studies Journal (DSJ)


On behalf of the Editorial Board, I’m happy to announce the launch of the new journal: Druze Studies Journal (DSJ).

Druze Studies Journal (DSJ) is an open-access interdisciplinary journal that aims to advance scholarly understanding of the Druze communities, including their history, society, and faith.

DSJ provides a platform for exchanging knowledge, scholarship, and ideas among scholars who produce scholarship focusing on the Druze. The journal aims to increase scholarly publications on the Druze, specifically comparative projects between communities in various countries, including diasporic communities. The journal will publish discipline-specific research projects and will encourage interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research on the Druze in a way that analyzes and synthesizes links between disciplines into a coordinated and coherent whole to explain the Druze’s history, present, and future.

We seek submissions that focus on the Druze as a whole, or on specific Druze communities, or include a comparison between the Druze and others or a comparison between several Druze communities. We encourage submissions from discipline-specific or those who employ an interdisciplinary approach, including, for example, History, Religious Studies, Theology, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Linguistics, Literature, Economics, Medicine and Health, Psychology, Philosophy, Geography, Art (Performing and Visual), Law, and Education, Journalism, Media Studies and Communication.

We plan to publish our first issue in 2024. However, manuscripts will be published online after the rigorous peer review process and acceptance. To submit your manuscript to the Druze Studies journal, please visit

If you have any inquiries, please contact the editorial office at


Dr. Rami Zeedan
Associate Professor
Druze Studies Journal, Editor-in-Chief