Investigating Student-Donor Memberships Within Collegiate Athletics


  • Austin Bogina University of Kansas
  • Dr. Brian Gordon University of Kansas



The purpose of this study was to discover the primary characteristics associated with offering student-donor memberships within collegiate athletics. The secondary purpose was to detail the best practices for properly implementing a student-donor membership”. Through semi-structured interviews, the unique insights of 10 NCAA Division I Power-5 fundraising and development associates were able to be explored. The results of this study produced five factors associated with student-donor memberships: structure, benefits, membership fee, communication, and branding. These findings fill a gap in the existing literature due to there being no previous research conducted on student donor programs within collegiate athletics. Furthermore, this study illustrates the common characteristics among student-donor memberships and what we already know about athletic annual funds. While no current research exists on how student-donors fit into the donor life cycle, the results of this study further the knowledge on this highly important yet under examined group.

Author Biography

Dr. Brian Gordon, University of Kansas

School of Education and Human Sciences - Health, Sport, & Exercise Sciences

Associate Professor




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Bogina, A., & Gordon, B. (2022). Investigating Student-Donor Memberships Within Collegiate Athletics. Journal of Amateur Sport, 7(2).