Parent Perspectives on Youth Sport Concussion Management

  • Corinne Mary Daprano University of Dayton
  • Susan Davies University of Dayton
  • Elana Bernstein University of Dayton
Keywords: youth sports, concussions, parents, traumatic brain injury


Concussions are one of the most discussed health concerns at all levels of sport. While much of this discussion focuses on football and the National Football League (NFL), there is growing awareness in the sport community that the risks of concussions extend to head injuries in all sports. Much remains unknown about youth concussions, particularly in terms of how parents feel about concussions and youth sport safety regulations. The purpose of this study was to examine parents’ perceptions and attitudes toward youth sport concussions. Results indicated that despite increased awareness and education there remain gaps in parental knowledge of concussions and the proper management of concussions.  These findings led to a set of recommendations regarding parental concussion prevention and management education. 

Author Biographies

Corinne Mary Daprano, University of Dayton

Department of Health & Sport Science

Associate Professor, Sport Management

Susan Davies, University of Dayton

Department of Counselor Education & Human Services

Associate Professor, School Psychology

Elana Bernstein, University of Dayton

Department of Counselor Education & Human Services

Clinical Faculty, School Psychology


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