Information for Reviewers

Thank you for your interest in becoming a reviewer for the Journal of Montessori Research.  The Journal of Montessori Research employs a blind peer review process with at least two referees evaluating each manuscript submitted. Reviewers may be members of the publication’s Editorial Board or ad hoc reviewers with specialized knowledge related to the topic at hand.

All reviewers must possess an advanced degree and demonstrated scholarly history in Montessori or related fields. Manuscripts will be reviewed for the significance of the problem, the quality of the method and argument, and clarity of writing. The goal is to review and respond to submissions within six weeks. 

To register as a reviewer, create a new account being sure to check the checkbox for the reviewer role on the “Roles” tab.  In addition, be sure to provide your reviewing interests under that same tab.  Finally, provide a brief bio statement under the “Public” tab.  Providing this information will ensure that the editor is able to assign appropriate manuscripts to you for review.