Fall 2023 Issue is now available.


The fall 2023 issue of the Journal of Montessori Research is now available. I am so pleased we have a full issue including four research articles and two review articles. One of the review articles, “Rediscovering the Child,” represents a new annual feature highlighting recent action research projects completed by graduate students in university-based teacher preparation programs. While authors will rotate for this recurring review article series, I wish to thank Kateri Carver of University of Wisconsin–River Falls and Sarah Hassebroek of St. Catherine University for authoring this first installment.

The other review article provides Susan Feez’s (University of New England, Australia) thoughtful assessment of the recently published book Powerful Literacy in the Montessori Classroom: Aligning Reading Research and Practice by Susan Zoll, Natasha Feinberg, and Laura Saylor, with a foreword by Daniel Willingham.

The first two research articles in this issue will be of particular interest to Montessori educators because they address important considerations for classroom practice. Andrea Koczela and Kateri Carver share the re-sults of a study of Montessori teachers’ circle time practices and preferences while Jaap de Brouwer, Lida T. Klaver, and Symen van der Zee synthesize Montessori’s writings on citizenship education.

For the third article, Joel Parham conducted an extensive analysis of primary source documents to reconsider details and implications of Maria Montessori’s 1915 California visit. He argues that, while her eight months in California did positively influence the growth of the Montessori movement, the impact on mainstream educa-tion was limited and led to declining interest in Montessori education in the United States.

Finally, Bernadette Phillips demonstrates how the Montessori approach to dementia care is trauma-responsive, although she suggests it could be strengthened by incorporating a greater understanding of the neurobiology of trauma into training programs.


Angela K. Murray, PhD

Editor, Journal of Montessori Research


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