BOOK REVIEW The Bloomsbury Handbook of Montessori Education


  • Claudine Campanelli NY Early Childhood Professional Development Institute at City University of New York



Montessori research, Maria Montessori, Montessori education, Montessori pedagogy, global Montessori


The Bloomsbury Handbook of Montessori Education is the first comprehensive collection of scholarly work that spans the spectrum of Montessori education, including historical, political, geographic, pedagogical, scientific, and cultural perspectives. It offers different entry points for those interested in various aspects of Montessori education—advocates, researchers, academics, parents, and teacher educators—to expand their current knowledge about the Montessori pedagogy and movement. The handbook approaches known ideas with an interdisciplinary lens. Maria Montessori’s critical writings and radical approaches cemented her legacy. Now, nearly 115 years after her first publication, essential dialogues and critical reflections are emerging about complex social issues in the context of Montessori education. These dialogues recognize the strengths and limitations of the Method as well as the harmful and disrespectful ways Montessori education has entered different communities, countries, and Indigenous lands.

Author Biography

Claudine Campanelli, NY Early Childhood Professional Development Institute at City University of New York

Claudine Campanelli is the senior director of Career Development and Higher Education at the New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute at the City University of New York and associate professor at City University New York School of Professional Studies. She is Association Montessori Internationale 0–3 trained and has practiced and researched Montessori education for more than 20 years.


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