Diurnal Chorusing in Nine Species of North American Anurans

Diurnal frog calling


  • MALCOLM MCCALLUM Langston University




breeding chorus, frog calls, frog calling, diurnal calling behavior, anura, anurans, frogs, toads, breeding behavior


A year-long survey of survey of diurnal frog calling behavior was conducted at the Red River Research and Education Park in Shreveport (Caddo Parish), Louisiana to investigate the prevalence of daytime breeding choruses in the species present at the park.  We determined that 60% (9/15) of species known from the area participated in daytime breeding choruses.  Four of these were new species reports for the behavior.  One species was identified entirely based on a daytime chorus from outside the normal breeding season.  Although we believe daytime chorusing is widespread in frogs, several species did not diurnally chorus during our study.  Diurnal calling may be an important indicator of the peak breeding season for a species and it may also be a useful tool at times when night surveys are impossible. 




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MCCALLUM, M. (2022). Diurnal Chorusing in Nine Species of North American Anurans: Diurnal frog calling. Journal of North American Herpetology, 2022(1). https://doi.org/10.17161/jnah.v2022i1.15233