The Journal of Russian American Studies (JRAS) is a peer-reviewed journal focused on the history of Russian-American studies from the 18th to the 21st centuries.  Its aim is to be a forum for the latest scholarship regarding the history of the intricate relationship between Russia (broadly defined) and the United States.   The journal welcomes submissions and publishes articles and book reviews in English and Russian.


JRAS 4.1 (May 2020) is Published!

Dear Colleagues!   The Journal of Russian American Studies(JRAS) 4.1 (May 2020) has just been published! The editors of JRAS are thrilled to announce the new issue of the journal and the beginning of our fourth year!  In this issue, Anton Fedyashin analyzes 1983 visit by American schoolgirl Samantha Smith to the USSR.  Robert H. Davis, Jr. explores Russian art and Russian studies at Dartmouth through the case of Ralph S. Bartlett.  Lyubov Ginzburg brings back to life the Russian experience of American journalist Bessie Beatty.  There are also five book reviews and Field Notes.   We are always looking for more people to participate.  Consider us for articles, book reviews, manuscript reviews, and more.    Sincerely,   The Editors Journal of Russian American Studies(JRAS) Read more about JRAS 4.1 (May 2020) is Published!