Notes on the Permian Kalenterid Bivalvia Genus Netschajewia Licharev, 1925 and Related Forms


  • Zong-jie Fang Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing
  • Joseph G. Carter Department of Geological Sciences, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA



The identity of the Permian kalenterid Netschajewia Licharev, 1925 has been uncertain because its author indicated it could be regarded as a replacement name for the preoccupied Modiolodon Netschajew, 1894 yet Newell (1957) treated Netschajewia as a subgenus of Stutchburia Etheridge Jr., 1900, and designated a type species different from that proposed by La Rocque and Newell (1969) for Modiolodon Netschajew. Netschajewia is confirmed as a replacement name for Modiolodon, thereby invalidating Newell’s (1957) erroneous type designation (misidentified type species) for Netschajewia. The names Ivanovia Astafieva-Urbajtis in Astafieva-Urbajtis and Ramovš, 1978 and Astafia Goncharova, 2013 are objective junior synonyms of Netschajewia. Netschajewia is definitely known only from its type species and one additional Permian species. It is assigned to the kalenterid subfamily Myoconchinae. The genus Verneuilnodon Fang & Carter, gen. nov. (subfamily Healeyinae Hautmann, 2008, reduced in rank herein from family Healeyidae) is proposed for Permian Mytilus (Modiola) pallasi de Verneuil, 1845, as restricted herein. The new Permian species, Kasimlara? antiqua (subfamily Healeyinae) is proposed. The wide circulation of Chavan’s (1969) republication of Newell’s (1957) erroneous type designation for Netschajewia means that modern references to this genus should be reevaluated.







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Fang, Zong-jie, and Joseph G. Carter. 2022. “Notes on the Permian Kalenterid Bivalvia Genus Netschajewia Licharev, 1925 and Related Forms”. Paleontological Contributions, no. 22 (August): 1-12.