About the Journal

Aion. Journal of Philosophy and Science is an international, open-access and peer-reviewed journal hosted and published by the University of Kansas Libraries.

The journal is committed to publishing original and relevant research in the areas of Philosophy and Science. It thus accepts philosophical papers motivated by scientific research as well as scientific papers dealing with philosophical problems. Aion also accepts articles dealing with new problems, areas and topics of philosophical and scientifically motivated research as well as with concepts of major philosophical significance in our time.

Beyond European and North American philosophy, Aion aims at establishing constructive relationships with African, Asian, Australian and South American philosophical communities. 

The journal publishes twice a year (January and June) and accepts articles written in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Peer Review and Editorial Policy

The journal uses double-blind peer-review. Each submission, both of special thematic numbers and of articles, will be assigned by the editors to two external referees. They will provide a report on a blind version and, on this basis, the editors will make the final decision about publication. However, a single negative report is sufficient to reject the submitted special thematic number or article. Our goal is to inform the authors on the publishing decision within two months of submission.

The journal's editorial policy follows the Principles of transparency and best practice in scholarly publishing, as identified by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), the Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association (OASPA), and the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME), including those outlined in the Publication ethics and related editorial policies, Peer Review and Advertising sections of the Principles.


Authors retain copyright in their articles.  All articles in the journal are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial  No-Derivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license

The journal aims to publish original and consistent research in the areas of Philosophy of Science and of Philosophy and Science. In that sense, it accepts philosophical papers motivated by scientific researchas well as philosophically relevant scientific papers, from areas such as metaphysics, politics, ethics, aesthetics, logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind and cognition, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of physics, and philosophy of biology.
1. Only original research papers not previously published in other
journals are accepted, unless the paper is proven to be a genuine expansion of a previous work;
2. The journal does not publish translations as research papers;
3. The journal does not accept plagiarism, advocating the proper acknowledgement
to other works. Furthermore, the journal uses software in the peer-review process to screen for plagiarism.
4. No changes to the paper can be made after proof reading is completed.
5. The author may reprint his/her paper elsewhere, in the condition that it will be clearly stated that the work was originally published in Aion.

The authors retain the following rights:

  • copyright, and other proprietary rights relating to the article, such as patent
  • the right to use the substance of the article in future own works, including
    lectures and books;
  • the right to reproduce the article for own purposes, provided the copies are
    not offered for sale; and
  • the right to self-archive the article.