A Chronic Care Model Program Incorporating Group Office Visits for Obesity Treatment in Primary Care


  • Andrea C Ely
  • Christie A Befort
  • Angela Banitt Duncan
  • Jianghua He
  • Cheryl Gibson
  • Debra K Sullivan
  • Carol Smith




obesity, primary care, chronic disease


Background. Obesity is a chronic disease of epidemic proportions. Primary care providers are on the front line of diagnosing and treating obesity and need better tools to deliver top-notch obesity care. Methods. A pilot randomized trial was conducted to test a chronic care model (CCM) program for obesity compared to usual care. Primary care patients, 18 years and older, with a body mass index (BMI) between 27 and 45 were enrolled. Sixteen weekly 90-minute group office visits were structured with the first 30 minutes encompassing individualized clinical assessments and the final 60 minutes containing the group-based standardized intensive lifestyle training. The primary outcome was weight change at 16 weeks. Secondary outcomes were weight change at 24 weeks, change in diet and physical activity behaviors, self-efficacy for weight control behaviors, and physiologic markers of cardiovascular risk at 16 and 24 weeks. Results. The participants (19 in the active arm and 10 in the control arm) were 49.8 ± 11.5 years old (mean ± SD), 97% women, 55% white, and 41% black. Weight change in the control arm at week 16 was 0.25+ 2.21 kg (mean + SD) and that for the active arm was -5.74 + 4.50 kg (n=16). The difference between the two arms was significant (p = 0.0002). Both the intent-to-treat analysis using the last observation carried forward approach and the analysis including completers only provided similar siginificant results. Conclusions. This study demonstrated that a CCM program incorporating group office visits was feasible and effective for obesity treatment in primary care settings.




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Ely, A. C., Befort, C. A., Duncan, A. B., He, J., Gibson, C., Sullivan, D. K., & Smith, C. (2011). A Chronic Care Model Program Incorporating Group Office Visits for Obesity Treatment in Primary Care. Kansas Journal of Medicine, 4(4), 87–98. https://doi.org/10.17161/kjm.v4i4.11391



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