A Survey of Resident Attitudes on Billing and Coding Education

An Assessment by Pediatric Training Year and Career Plans


  • Thomas Pham Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics, Kansas City, MO
  • Michael Spaulding-Barclay
  • Ashley Sherman




internship and residency, attitude of health personnel, healthcare common procedure coding system


INTRODUCTION: Billing and coding (B&C) are important aspects of medical practice that many feel are taught inadequately during residency. In addressing this deficiency, residency programs must determine when and how to teach B&C. Some programs teach through informal methods or direct their education only towards senior residents and/or certain career paths. Is this approach ideal? This study evaluated pediatric resident attitudes towards formal B&C education, by post graduate year (PGY), and career plans. METHODS: A survey was distributed to residents before and after implementation of a novel, formal curriculum teaching B&C. General linear models were calculated to look at differences over time of all residents and by PGY levels and future career plans. RESULTS: Among all residents, there was no change in the highly positive attitudes towards Learning is Important, Valuable Use of Time, or Want a Formal Curriculum. Perceived Knowledge increased significantly and Need to Know More decreased significantly. There were no differences between PGY levels or career plans with all years valuing and wanting education. PGY-3s scored higher than PGY-1s and PGY-2s with Perceived Knowledge. CONCLUSION: This study demonstrated a strong, equal amount of interest in the formal education of B&C across all residents, regardless of training year and/or career plans. Pediatric residencies should consider implementing formal education on B&C to all residents. Pediatric resident attitudes towards billing and coding education can be used to guide the curriculum.


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Pham, T., Spaulding-Barclay, M., & Sherman, A. (2012). A Survey of Resident Attitudes on Billing and Coding Education: An Assessment by Pediatric Training Year and Career Plans. Kansas Journal of Medicine, 5(4), 154-159. https://doi.org/10.17161/kjm.v5i4.11425