A Non-Operative Approach to Rectal Cancer after Chemo-Radiotherapy:

Case Series and Review


  • Abeer Arian




rectal cancer, treatment, surgery, chemoradiation, wait and watch


Introduction. Chemotherapy administered concurrently with
radiotherapy for locally-advanced rectal cancer prior to surgery
is a standard of care approach. A fraction of patients after chemoradiotherapy
achieve pathological complete remission. Our aim was
to evaluate patients treated only with a non-operative approach of
only chemo-radiotherapy followed by observation at a community
cancer center.
Methods. Medical charts of the patients who were treated for locally
advanced rectal cancer and treated with chemo-radiation therapy
alone from January 1, 2000 through May 1, 2017 at a Midwestern
cancer center were reviewed. The clinical course of the patients was
followed from the time of the cancer diagnosis through their last available
clinical record.
Results. A series of three cases were reviewed with locally-advanced
distal rectal cancers treated with a non-operative approach.
Conclusions. Watchful waiting for patients with locally advanced
distal rectal cancer who have complete clinical response with neoadjuvant
chemotherapy and radiation might be an effective treatment
strategy. Kans J Med 2019;12(1):17-19.




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Arian, A. (2019). A Non-Operative Approach to Rectal Cancer after Chemo-Radiotherapy:: Case Series and Review. Kansas Journal of Medicine, 12(1), 17–19. https://doi.org/10.17161/kjm.v12i1.11699



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