Improving Electronic Patient Handoff in an Orthopedic Residency using the Listrunner© Application.


  • Justin A. Cline, M.D. University of Kansas School of Medicine - Wichita
  • Jack A. Nolte, B.S.
  • Gregory M. Mendez, M.D.
  • Jordan T. Willis, M.D.
  • Seth A. Tarrant, M.D.
  • Rosey Zackula, M.A.
  • Bradley R. Dart, M.D.



orthopaedics, quality improvement, trauma center, patient handoff, communication


Introduction. Miscommunication during shift change and other handoff events is a common source of malpractice claims and patient-care errors. An efficient patient handoff system is imperative to prevent miscommunication. Owning to limitations with our current handoff system and to an ever-increasing reliance on electronic health information, our residency program sought to modernize our handoff method.

Methods. To improve handoff communication, we adopted the HIPAA-compliant application Listrunner©. Members of the orthopaedic trauma team were oriented to the new application. Change-of-shift patient handoff was then transitioned from the current email system to Listrunner©. After three months of using the new application, a web-based questionnaire was administered to all members of the care team to assess their experiences, including perceived benefits and limitations of the Listrunner© application.

Results. Seventeen orthopaedic resident physicians and three orthopaedic trauma attending physicians completed the survey. While almost half of the respondents were satisfied using email as a checkout tool, more than half of study participants indicated that it lacked security and several users believed there was a need for improvement. Most indicated that Listrunner© was easy to use, improved clinical efficiency, and improved patient care and safety. Seventeen of 20 respondents reported that they would like to continue using Listrunner© as a checkout tool.

Conclusions. The Listrunner© application was quickly adopted by our orthopaedic trauma team, whose members opined that the application increased the efficiency and accuracy of handoff when compared to the previous secure email system.


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Cline, J., Nolte, J., Mendez, G., Willis, J., Tarrant, S., Zackula, R., & Dart, B. (2022). Improving Electronic Patient Handoff in an Orthopedic Residency using the Listrunner© Application. Kansas Journal of Medicine, 15(1), 97–100.



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