Trends of Hospitalizations and In-Hospital Outcomes for Traumatic Cardiac Injury in United States

In-Hospital Outcomes for Traumatic Cardiac Injury


  • Harsh Mehta, MBBS The University of Kansas Medical Center
  • Zaid Gheith, M.D.
  • Saad Amin, M.D.
  • Prakash Acharya, M.D.
  • Emmanuel Daon, M.D.
  • Peter Downey, M.D.
  • Eric Hockstad, M.D.
  • Mark Wiley, M.D.
  • Gregory Muehlebach, M.D.
  • George Zorn III, M.D.
  • Matthew Danter, M.D.
  • Kamal Gupta, M.D.



Introduction. Traumatic cardiac injury (TCI) poses a significant risk of morbidity and mortality, yet there is a lack of population-based outcomes data for these patients.      

Methods. The authors examined national yearly trends, demographics, and in-hospital outcomes of TCI using the National Inpatient Sample from 2007 to 2014. We focused on adult patients with a primary discharge diagnosis of TCI, categorizing them into blunt (BTCI) and penetrating (PTCI) cardiac injury.  

Results. A total of 11,510 cases of TCI were identified, with 7,155 (62.2%) classified as BTCI and 4,355 (37.8%) as PTCI. BTCI was predominantly caused by motor vehicle collisions (66.7%), while PTCI was mostly caused by piercing injuries (67.4%). The overall mortality rate was 11.3%, significantly higher in PTCI compared to BTCI (20.3% vs. 5.9%, χ2(1, N = 11,185) = 94.9, p <0.001). Additionally, 21.5% required blood transfusion, 19.6% developed hemopericardium, and 15.9% suffered from respiratory failure. Procedures such as heart and pericardial repair were more common in PTCI patients. Length of hospitalization and cost of care were also significantly higher for PTCI patients, W(1, N = 11,015) = 88.9, p <0.001).  

Conclusions. Patients with PTCI experienced higher mortality rates than those with BTCI. Within the PTCI group, young men from minority racial groups and low-income households had poorer outcomes. This highlights the need for early and specialized attention from emergency and cardiothoracic providers for patients in these demographic groups.


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Mehta, H., Gheith, Z., Amin, S., Acharya, P., Daon, E., Downey, P., Hockstad, E., Wiley, M., Muehlebach, G., Zorn, G., Danter, M. ., & Gupta, K. (2024). Trends of Hospitalizations and In-Hospital Outcomes for Traumatic Cardiac Injury in United States: In-Hospital Outcomes for Traumatic Cardiac Injury. Kansas Journal of Medicine, 17(3), 45-50.