Content Areas

JCEL welcomes submissions in the following areas. Unless otherwise specified, submissions should be between 3,000-6,000 words, though manuscripts of alternate lengths will be considered. 

Book Reviews
Authors are invited to submit reviews of recently published books that explore issues related to the copyright law or the impact of copyright law on public, school, academic, and digital libraries, archives, museums, and research institutions and their educational initiatives. Reviews should conform to the journal’s Review Guidelines. These manuscripts are not peer reviewed and submissions should be between 500-1,000 words, though manuscripts of alternate lengths will be considered. 

Columns provide information and commentary on current copyright issues. These manuscripts may be peer reviewed.

Conference Recaps
Conference recaps provide a comprehensive review of conferences, symposia, and events that have a primary focus on copyright law. These manuscripts not peer reviewed.

Literature Reviews
Literature reviews explore publications in a specific area of copyright law and, through critique and analysis, provide readers with information on the latest trends and developments on the selected topic. These manuscripts are peer reviewed.

Perspective, Opinion, and Commentary
These articles feature readers' original and personal views on subjects that fall within the scope and focus of JCEL. A variety of perspectives are encouraged for submission, including experiential and opinion pieces from library educators, researchers, students, practitioners and collaborators (e.g. publishers, university administrators or disciplinary faculty, librarians, and students).

Professional Practice Articles
Professional practice articles explore programs and services readers can employ at their institution to help promote a practical understanding of the continued integration of copyright issues and education into library, education, and information services. Discussions of policy development related to copyright are also welcome. These manuscripts are peer reviewed.

Research Articles
Research articles feature findings from quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods research. These manuscripts are peer reviewed. 

Theory Articles
Theory articles explore the relevance, significance and application of theoretical discussions of copyright law related to library and educational practice.

Tools and Resources
Tools and resources are instruments that can be used to make applications of the law or work through a decision making process.