About the Journal

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Focus and Scope

The Journal of Copyright in Education and Librarianship is a  peer-reviewed open-access publication for original articles, reviews and case studies that analyze or describe the strategies, partnerships and impact of copyright law on public, school, academic, and digital libraries, archives, museums, and research institutions and their educational initiatives.

This journal  provides a focused forum for library practitioners, educators, and attorneys  to share ideas, strategies, research and pragmatic explorations of the following: 

  • The effects of copyright law on education and librarianship

  • The application of exemptions to copyright law in libraries and other educational settings

  • Current litigation and lawmaking efforts, and advocacy on behalf of all users

  • The practical implications of current and proposed copyright law, both in the United States and internationally

  • Initiatives to educate campus communities to make good faith copyright decisions and evaluations

  • The development of copyright policies and best practices to help guide users in the application of copyright law and related intellectual property laws

  • Practice articles on implementing new services within the framework of the law

  • Copyright in an increasingly online educational environment

  • Licensing and the impact of licenses on education and libraries

  • Pedagogy of teaching about copyright

 The journal welcomes original research and practitioner experience papers, legal analysis, as well as submissions in alternative formats.

In order to lower barriers to publication for authors, JCEL does not charge submission or any other form of author fees. Copyright in the articles will remain with the authors, and all articles will be published under a CC license.

Legal Caveat

The articles found in this journal are intended to be used for informational purposes and should not be taken as legal advice. If you need legal advice on any issue you should consult an attorney. The views expressed are those of the authors, not their employers, the journal editors, or the journal editorial board. Though extensive effort has gone into ensuring the reliability of the information contained in this journal, the editors and editorial board makes no warrant expressed or implied to the reliability or accuracy of the information and disclaims any liability for loss or damages caused by errors or omissions in this publication.

Publication Frequency

JCEL is published bi-annually in general issues in the spring and fall using a rolling publication format. Special issues are published from time-to-time, often exploring a specific copyright related topic in-depth or in conjunction with a special event or conference.

Peer Review Process

All manuscripts submitted to JCEL will undergo double-anonymous peer review. The editors will first determine if a submission fits within the scope of the journal and if so, will identify at least two peer reviewers. The editors will make the final decision on publication should the opinions of the reviewers differ. 

Publication Agreement

A copy of JCEL's publication agreement can be found here.

Open Access Policy

JCEL provides immediate open access to published content in support of the idea that free access to research helps support the exchange of knowledge and ideas. All articles will be published under Creative Commons licenses.  Authors are allowed to choose from any of the available Creative Commons licenses.  In order to lower barriers to publication for authors, JCEL does not charge any form of author fees. JCEL is published through the support of our generous sponsors.


JCEL'S authors are never be charged to submit or publish a manuscript through JCEL. Publication costs are supported by our generous sponsors, including:

Purdue University
The Kraemer Endowment, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
The University of Illinois Libraries


Interested in sponsoring JCEL? Contact our finance manager, Tucker Taylor, at tucky@mailbox.sc.edu.