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The journal has appeared in many forms over time, starting with Volume 1, number 1 in 1990 as the Iguana Times, the newsletter of the International Iguana Society. By 1995, (Volume 4) the Iguana Times had renamed itself as a “journal,” and in 2003 (Volume 10), it adopted the name Iguana. What had started as a few stapled and photocopied pages became a 24-page printed publication with color covers. With the demise of the International Iguana Society (IIS) in 2005 (Volume 12), publication of the journal was assumed by the International Reptile Conservation Foundation (IRCF) and it was renamed Iguana: Conservation, Natural History, and Husbandry of Reptiles to reflect its broader coverage of the reptilian world. Nurtured by the IRCF, the journal expanded to a 64-page full-color publication, which, in 2009 (Volume 16) took on its current name, Reptiles & Amphibians.

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Vol. 15 No. 4 (2008): Iguana
Color Photo with red text reading Iguana. Photo depicts a central Netted Dragon on a small red rock. It has cream colored scales with wiggly black patterning.
Published: 2008-12-01

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