Using Weebly to Create E-Portfolios


  • Summer Parkes
  • Katie McClintic
  • Melissa Stamer-Peterson



In an effort to engage in Computer Assisted Language Learning in the classroom, Katie McClintic and Summer Peixoto were inspired to use digital portfolios, or ePortfolios, while taking classes for TESOL certification in online teaching from TESOL, Inc. Katie went through the ePortfolio creation process for the online course and is now using the same principles with her KAUST class this semester as a culminating project for their college prep year experience at KU. Similarly, last year Summer created a blended learning online hybrid course centered on portfolio building for Kansai students to illustrate their learning experiences over the course of 2013. Throughout this six-week course, Melissa Stamer-Peterson’s role was to assist in the classroom and give feedback on student portfolios. As members of the LEO team, Summer, Melissa, and Katie are attempting to lead by example by incorporating technology into their courses and pursuing professional development opportunities that include the use of CALL in daily instruction and special programs.


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Parkes, S., McClintic, K., & Stamer-Peterson, M. (2018). Using Weebly to Create E-Portfolios. Issues in Language Instruction, 3(2), 5.