About the Journal

The Journal of Intercollegiate Sport (JIS) provides an exciting forum for research specifically addressing sport in college and university settings. This interdisciplinary journal publishes articles from the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and professional fields, providing a complete look at all factors affecting intercollegiate sport. The research presented crosses traditional academic boundaries and challenges current views and practices while maintaining an informative rather than editorial focus.

Published semiannually, JIS contains peer-reviewed research with both theoretical and practical significance. As such, the journal contributes to further research and understanding of intercollegiate athletics, as well as provides ideas on how to improve or change current policies and practices.

The mission of the Journal of Intercollegiate Sport is to stimulate and disseminate research on intercollegiate sport. This research may have theoretical as well as practical significance and thereby contribute both to our understanding of intercollegiate athletics and efforts to effect change or reform. JIS supports research that either reinforces or challenges current practice, but it does not publish articles that are editorial or polemical in nature.

Contributions may be specifically about sport in college and university settings or about broader psychological, social, or philosophical factors that impact sport in higher education. Articles from the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and professional fields are accepted. Submissions that are cross-disciplinary in nature and have clear practical applications are encouraged. All articles are peer-reviewed and intended for an educated, lay readership and, accordingly, are nontechnical in nature.

Print: 1941-6342
Online: 1941-417X