Reframing the Service Environment in Collegiate Sport: A Transformative Sport Service Research Approach


  • Yiqi Yang University of Ottawa
  • Erika Gray University of Ottawa
  • Keita Kinoshita
  • Eric MacIntosh



sport system, student-athletes, wellness, development, eudaimonism


This study applies a transformative sport service research approach to examine student-athletes’ wellness within a collegiate sport setting. Sixteen semi-structured interviews were completed during the COVID-19 pandemic and the stop of play in Canada (early 2021). Findings denoted wellness was influenced by this time period as well as organizational factors which are within the purview of existing management practices. The study details the service environment to understand physical and mental well-being while taking into consideration the general and organizational environments which influence the student-athletes. Findings demonstrate that eudaimonic-related experiences (e.g., learning, development, relationship) are related to student-athletes' mental well-being. This research underpins the role of education, policies, and communication, which draws several implications for the service environment in a collegiate sport setting and the key stakeholders involved in producing an environment to enhance student-athletes’ experience. The paper elaborates on the importance of the service environment and provides evidence of what student-athletes suggest management can change and focus their efforts on towards creating a transformative service environment. Theoretical implications for the transformative service research are put forward, including the co-creative aspects to determine programming which could contribute towards student-athletes wellness. Broader suggestions for change within the sport system and future research are also advanced.


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Author Biographies

  • Erika Gray, University of Ottawa

    Erika Gray is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Ottawa

  • Keita Kinoshita

    Keita Kinoshita is an Assistant Professor at Waseda University in Japan.

  • Eric MacIntosh

    Eric MacIntosh is a Professor of School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa




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Yang, Y., Gray, E., Kinoshita, K., & MacIntosh, E. (2024). Reframing the Service Environment in Collegiate Sport: A Transformative Sport Service Research Approach. Journal of Intercollegiate Sport, 17(1).