Revision of the bee genus <i>Chlerogella</i> (Hymenoptera: Halictidae), Part IV: A new species from southwestern Colombia

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Michael S. Engel
Victor H. Gonzalez
Ismael A. Hinojosa-Díaz


A new species of the diverse augochlorine bee genus Chlerogella Michener (Halictinae: Augochlorini) is described and figured from southwestern Colombia.  Chlerogella anchicaya Engel, Gonzalez, & Hinojosa-Díaz, new species, is similar to C. agaylei Engel and C. materdonnae Engel, both occurring on the eastern slopes of the Andes in Ecuador.  There are also some similarities with C. eumorpha Engel from the western Andean foothills in northern Ecuador, but differences in rostral length and male terminalia can distinguish these species.  Revised couplets are provided to the South American species of Chlerogella to permit identification of the new species.

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