New species of the augochlorine bee genus <i>Stilbochlora</i>, with a preliminary key (Hymenoptera: Halictidae)

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Michael S. Engel


Three new species of the augochlorine bee genus Stilbochlora Engel et al. (Halictinae: Augochlorini) are described and figured from Peru.  The new species are distinct from the type species, Stilbochlora eickworti (Engel et al.), in the more densely and extensively striate propodea, and can be distinguished from each other on the basis of propodeal sculpturing and coloration.  The new taxa are: S. graceae Engel, new species; S. kateae Engel, new species; and S. wedmanorum Engel, new species.  A key is provided to the species of Stilbochlora.

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