The Early History of Arimoclomol for Inclusion Body Myositis


  • Mazen M. Dimachkie
  • Pedro M. Machado
  • Claus Sundgreen
  • Thomas Blaettler
  • Jeffery Statland
  • Andrew Heim
  • Linda Greensmith
  • Michael G. Hanna
  • Richard J. Barohn



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Study of Arimoclomol in Inclusion Body Myositis. Trial details publicly available at:




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Dimachkie, M. ., Machado, P., Sundgreen, C. ., Blaettler, T. ., Statland, J. ., Heim, A. ., Greensmith, L. ., Hanna, M. ., & Barohn, R. (2021). The Early History of Arimoclomol for Inclusion Body Myositis. RRNMF Neuromuscular Journal, 2(2).



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