• RRNMF Neuromuscular Journal Volume 4, Number 2 has been published


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    What’s On Your Mind?
    Letter from the Founding Facilitator
    Richard J. Barohn, MD

    Access to Healthcare: More primary care and no financial barriers for anyone
    Joshua Freeman, MD

    Dr. Louis Tompkins Wright: One of the early Black men in white coats
    Richard J. Barohn, MD

    Women’s History Month Vignettes
    Richard J. Barohn, MD

    Clinic stuff
    Cryptococcal Meningitis in an immunocompetent male: Case report
    Keela R. Scott MD, Caitlyn J. Smith BS, Daniel R. Walker MD, Belinda R. Fender MD

    A novel MUSK mutation in a patient with CMS9
    Jeffrey L. Elliott MD

    Myasthenia Gravis exacerbation following BRAF and MEK inhibitor therapy
    Jeremy Hill MD, Yuebing Li MD PhD

    Numb Chin Syndrome: Atypical presentation of metastatic breast cancer
    Britta L. Bureau MD, Jennifer M. Connelly MD, Paul E. Barkhaus MD, Ryan Brennan DO

    New stuff
    Poor response to Eculizumab in Caucasian patients with treatment refractory generalized
    myasthenia gravis: A case series
    Nakul Katyal MD, Raghav Govindarajan MD

    Two new rare pathogenic variants in DES gene causing distal myofibrillar myopathy
    Olimpia Carbunar MD, Sakir Humayun Gultekin MD FCAP, Mario A. Saporta MD PhD MBA FAAN

    Quantitative sensory testing in a large cohort of neuropathy patients: QST in neuropathy
    Alexis A. Lizarraga MD MS, Salman Bhai MD, Gil Wolfe MD, Laura Herbelin, Sharon Nations MD,
    Morgan McCreary PhD, David Saperstein MD, Richard J. Barohn MD

    Facial onset sensory and motor neuronopathy: A case series and literature review
    Jonathan Morena DO, Hera A. Kamdar MD, Rabia Yasin MD, J. Chad Hoyle MD,
    Adam Quick MD, Stephen J. Kolb PhD

    CD20-mediated B cell depletion in acetylcholine receptor autoantibody-positive myasthenia gravis
    Panagiotis Kanatas MD, Kevin C. O’Connor PhD, Panos Stathopoulous MD PhD

    Art and other good stuff
    Survival of the Fittest
    Elizabeth S. Rowe PhD MBA, Vernon Rowe MD

    Under the Watchful Eye of the Knife
    Michael Abraham MD

    Internal Medicine: A short story written during medical school
    Vincent Czerwinski

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  • Inaugural Issue of RRNMF Neuromuscular Journal published


    The RRNMF Neuromuscular Journal has officially launched with its inaugural issue, volume 1, issue 1. It can be accessed by going to

    In the first issue, I have written an opening statement that describes why we created this new journal.  We wanted to create a completely new type of publication that we have total control of and for which there was NO CHARGE to readers, libraries, or those submitting papers. And it would be full open access. And authors have total ownership of what they write. Authors own the copyright.

    We were able to do this because of an amazing service that the University of Kansas library offers through their Digital Publishing unit. They have the software capability and expertise to allow any KU faculty to set up a journal in their specialty field. They currently host over 40 journals, including the Kansas Journal of Medicine. Check them out at Journals @ KU.

    In this crazy Covid-19 pandemic time, it is nice to have a few interesting projects that keep the discovery process going. 

    Enjoy the new RRNMF Neuromuscular Journal. 

    Stay Safe, 

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