Submitting Visual Stuff (Images/Videos)

This is a photograph, video, or audio file that would be of interest to journal readers. A detailed caption should describe the image. Up to 3 pertinent references can be referred to in the detailed caption.  Explanatory text to accompany the visual material is recommended. 

Details for preparation of an image or video

Images:  Use high-resolution images, with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.  JPG or PNG format is preferred.  Images are uploaded as separate files unless they are added to a document and the document is saved in PDF format and uploaded.

Videos:  MP4 format is preferred. 

Please be aware that this is an open access journal and that all video files submitted are available for the public to download.  If you do not wish the video to be downloaded, you will need to add the video to a streaming video platform where you can choose whether the video can be streamed, but not downloaded.  

Here are some options used by other authors:

  1. Upload the video to a streaming video server provided by your university, such as Kaltura and MediaHub at the University of Kansas Lawrence campus or Panopto at the University of Kansas Medical Center campus. For authors affiliated with other universities, please check with your technical staff to see what options are available to you.  Provide the journal with a link to stream the video.
  2. Upload the video to YouTube as a private video that can’t be downloaded and provide the journal with the link to stream the video

During submission, please enter the following information: 
Author:  Author or Authors and institutional affiliation
: Descriptive title to accompany the photographs or video
Keywords:  One to five key words are required
Abstract:  1) Information about each image or video being submitted, 2) the name of the departments(s) and institutions to which the visual is attributed, 3) any disclaimer, and 4) contact information for the corresponding author.


Updated 07/22/2021