Submitting What’s on your Mind: Commentaries and Other Stuff (Letters to the Facilitators)

What’s on Your Mind? Commentaries and Other Stuff (also known as letters to the facilitators) These papers are either expert opinion on timely issues in neuromuscular-clinical practice, medical education, and health policy or, commentaries on prior publications in this journal or other journals  This is also a venue to discuss new ideas for potential future research studies. (but for actual proposed/submitted grants see below) This section corresponds to the ‘letters to the editors’ seen in other journals.   

Details for the preparation of a commentary

Title Page: The title page (page 1) should contain (1) a title; (2) an identified short running head (short title); (3) the first name (spelled out), middle initial, and last name of each author with highest academic degree (s) and institutional affiliation; (4) the name of the department(s) and institution(s) to which the work is attributed; (5) any disclaimer; (6) contact information for the corresponding author; and (7) the source(s) of support in the form of grants, equipment, and/or drugs. If the work described in the manuscript has been formally presented at a scientific meeting, provide the name of the organization, date, and location of the meeting.

 Abstract: Not required.