Submitting Other Good Stuff (Neurology, Humanities, etc.)

Authors welcome to submit manuscripts on non-neuromuscular topics (other areas of neurology and also non-neurology areas of medicine and health and humanities and science.) These articles can correspond to any of the categories of articles. Use the “details for submitting” for each category, linked below. The Facilitators will decide if it can be published in the RRNMF Neuromuscular Journal. To re-emphasize, the Facilitators will be liberal in accepting articles with the goal of having a venue to publish quality manuscripts that will be of interest to our readers. 

Details for preparation of other good stuff

To see the details for the preparation non-neuromuscular stuff, please follow the link below for the type of material that you are submitting: 

Submitting New Discoveries/New Stuff (aka Original Research)
Submitting Looking Back and Looking Forward at Stuff (aka Reviews)
Submitting What’s on your Mind: Commentaries and Other Stuff (aka Letters to the Facilitators)
Submitting Clinic Stuff (aka Case Reports)
Submitting Proposed Stuff (aka Funded or unfunded grant proposals)
Submitting Meeting Stuff (Abstracts, Summaries, Photographs from meetings & Posters)
Submitting Visual Stuff (Images/Videos)


Updated 08/05/2021