Submitting Proposed Stuff (aka Funded or unfunded grant proposals)

This is a unique feature where authors can publish grant proposals, and if they wish, the critiques. These can be either grants that were rejected or accepted for funding. List the sponsor the grant was submitted to and the sponsor’s RFA/PRA number if known. This feature will allow journal readership to read about ideas for neuromuscular projects submitted for funding. Obviously once published the ideas in the grant are available to others. But we believe this feature will increase collaborations, improve transparency, and allow authors to have a publication from their grant efforts whether or not if it was funded.

Details for the preparation of Proposed Stuff

Title Page:

The title page (page 1) should contain (1) Title of the grant that was submitted (2) short running head (short title); (3) One to five key words. (4) the first name (spelled out), middle initial, and last name of each of author with highest academic degrees (s) and institutional affiliation; (5) the name of the department(s) and institutions to which the work is attributed; (6) the RFA/PRA to which the grant was submitted (7) the type of grant (R01,R21, U01, VA Merit, Foundation, Industry investigator initiated trial, etc.) (8) the submission date for the grant (9) a declaration if the grant was rejected or accepted and if accepted the current grant number and start and stop dates (10) any disclaimer; (11) contact information for the corresponding author: and (12) the sources of support for the grant preparation /submission if they exist for the work. (Example: a planning grant or any grant you were paid in that supported your time to prepare the submitted grant)

Explanation regarding the proposed grant:

Briefly describe and explanation on why the author submitted the grant. State what questions was being addressed and why the particular sponsor was chosen as a potential funding source. If the grant was rejected briefly state what the author believed where the main weaknesses the reviewers cited. If the grant was funded describe what happened in regard to the proposed research. Is the project still ongoing? Was the project finished? Was a final paper published? What were the final findings and conclusion of the project and what effect on medicine and health has the project had? If the grant was rejected did the authors resubmit it and what were the consequences? Discussion of the budget is not required but if desired the author can discuss the budget in general terms such as the annual and yearly amount that was requested. The total explanation should be only 1 or 2 pages in length and can be as brief as a single paragraph. This should be submitted as a word document.

Proposed Grant:

Upload the PDF version of the proposed grant that includes the abstract (if there was one); specific aims page (single page); and the research plan section. Do not include other sections of the grant such as the budget or NIH biosketches, or human subjects or data sharing sections. If a detailed separate statistics section was part of the grant submission, it is optional to include that in what was proposed.

Grant Critiques (Optional):

The author may submit the critiques of the proposed grant, but this is optional. Like the proposed grant, this should be submitted as a PDF file.


Updated 4/6/2020